Genusity And You!

Genusity and You!!

Genusity: which means Genus= Family and ity = Unity, and Integrity. Genusity is a Legacy Company. One you will be proud to build and proud to leave your heirs.  We will never be just a one-horse show but will be evergreen.  So far we have two very different products.

The Proximity Beacons: Beacons are no longer for sale!  If you are like me and purchased a few of them they will still be able to be used for a couple more years.

What Is New? Genusity has some incredible products for your health.  There is also an energy unity that will lower your power bills.  What to build a power with the Power Team Build?  You have come to the right place!

Keep checking back as I add pages to let you know what this phenomenal company has to offer.

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Chris Shouse
Genusity Associate