Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Four

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Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Four

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Four  Yes, Car Salesmen. This will be perfect for Car Lots. It is not easy to be the first to get to a person who drives on the lot. What if a salesperson had a beacon? If the message displayed on phones said “Need A Car Ask For Chris” So people would come onto the lot and already be looking for that salesman!

They, of course, would have a back office and could email people with car specials. Everyone will have their own back office that will have CRM and auto-responder all for $15.00 a month. The back office will allow you to change the message on the beacon anytime they want. Also if they want to do more advertising there will also be banner and landing page builder.

Within the back office will also be the ability to offer 3 days 2-night vacations. These can be used to get emails. Or new customers. By the
way, would you like a 3 day 2-night vacation certificate? These are
not trashy certificates. There are even some cruises and all you pay for
are the taxes.  Sign up for more information about Genusity and I will
send you a certificate.  Just click  HERE 

Of course, this does not have to just be for Car Salesmen. Big Rigs, Boats, Trailers, U-Haul type vehicles, RV Salesmen. How about Tiny Houses?

The possibilities are endless and I will have more for you in upcoming posts.
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