What Is New With The Beacons At Genusity?

What Is New With The Beacons At Genusity?

What is new with the Beacons at Genusity?

GAN (Genusity Advertising Network)


While the Beacons should be part of every small business in your local area. Also, Real Estate Agents, Political Candidates, and almost any business you can think of.
In your back office, by default, your local Zip Code is in and the beacon (s) will advertise in a 50-mile radius from where the Zip Code is. Even if the beacon is off it will continue the 50-mile radius of that Zip Code.

So! What is new?
Here is what is so exciting! You can now advertise with these Beacons anywhere in the world! That is right anywhere in the world!

What Is New With The Beacons At Genusity?

You put in any zip code or postal code and with the BEACON OFF the Beacon will advertise 50 Miles of that zip code or postal code you put in!
Any State (US) Any Country anywhere in the world! Think of the power
you have right at your desk at home!


These Beacons are amazing!

I also need to point out that the iPhone now can be used also. Not just Android. 

Now Genusity has added a Power Line in Genusity.
FREE To Join!
The First-Ever Perpetual Residual Cycling Power Line.

Unlike anything, you have seen before.
Sure there have been other Power Lines
But they do not have the potential to pay like this!

Added to the Powerline Now there is GenPro Team BuilderGenPro Team Builder This is good Internationally!!  Even if you decide
to never be anything but a free member you can
still, make money. Very exciting! You really should
get signed up for the Power Line and then get on
a webinar to find out all about it! Soon as you sign
up I will email you when the two webinars are. 

Sign Up Here 

The next post I do will explain more how the Power Line and GenPro
It is amazing and I get paid from this often!

Do you need to start at the beginning of this series?






What Is Proximity Marketing?

What Is Proximity Marketing? 

What Is Proximity Marketing?
Proximity Marketing and Beacon technology are not new. It has been around since early in 2000. Until just a few months ago it was used to the benefit of large corporations only. That is about to change because the use of beacon technology and Proximity Marketing has now entered the Network Marketing arena.

You can see a video about Genusity HERE 

 This new technology will change the way small businesses advertise their goods or services. It does not matter if the business is on or offline. It does not matter if it is local or international. 

What are these Beacons? Each Beacon is a tiny microcomputer and it uses Bluetooth to send a signal to a notification to every enabled Android or iPhone within a certain radius. That depends on the beacon you are using that is right for your business. 

Genusity has a few different beacons to choose from.  I will go into each one separately but if you want to go and take a look before I get to it you should go and take a look.

I know the Genusity Company will stay on top of all the newest technology as it becomes available. To be part of something so exciting and so amazing is just a dream come true! (One of the owners Randy is such a nerd  🙂 he is totally thriving on this stuff.)

To read the first post I did on Who Genusity is good for you can read it right HERE  

We live in such exciting times! While sometimes I long for the simpler times of my youth (yes I am older lol) living in the present and keeping on top of all the new things coming our way just amazes me every day. Do you feel the same way? Do you look forward to the amazing things we will be seeing happen? 

Proximity Marketing

Until next time  Dream Big Dreams!
If you would like to join Genusity and see all it offers
Join Here  be sure to hit the YELLOW BUTTON   to set up
your user name and password.

Traditional Advertising Is No Longer Viable

Traditional Advertising Is No Longer Viable

Traditional advertising is no longer viable would you agree? Not many people read newspapers any longer. As far as television is concerned if I am watching regular cable when the ads come on that’s when I do things that need to be done. Either that or I watch Hulu or Netflix when I can. How often do you listen to radio ads? Me? I usually have a CD in trying to improve my mind. Billboards are too expensive and are almost obsolete. 

Traditional Advertising Traditional Advertising Traditional AdvertisingTraditional Advertising

Where Do You Advertise Then?

Let me ask you a question. The last time you were at your favorite coffee or tea shop how many people were looking at their cell phones? How about at the mall or a restaurant? I have noticed almost everyone has their phone out.  In fact, cell phone advertising is predicted to be a 700 Billion Dollar business. 

Traditional Advertising  

Genusity has the solution you are looking for for the next generation of advertising. To find out more about Genusity please click right HERE

More Traditional Advertising That Does Not Work

Oh and you know those Val-Paks you get in the mail that are so expensive to advertise in? Well after you join Genusity you can call each and every one of them and tell them how to save money with their advertising. You will be so happy with yourself when you find out more about Genusity. I can not wait for you to find out all there is to know you will be as excited as I am.

Remember to get more information about Genusity just click HERE

I will be looking forward to hearing from you! Chris
Be sure to email me with any questions! chrisshouse@gmail.com

Be sure to check out this first post on who Genusity is good  for:

Happy Reading there will be so much more.

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Four

Genusity Beacons


Who Is Genusity Good For Number Four

Who Is Genusity Good For Number Four
Car Salesmen? Yes, this will be perfect for Car Lots and the Sales People within. It is not easy to be the first to get to a person who drives on the lot. What if a salesperson had a beacon? If the message displayed on phones said “Need A Car Ask For Chris” So people would come onto the lot and already be looking for that salesman!

They, of course, would have a back-office office will allow them to change the message on the beacon anytime they want.  There are just so many possibilities it sometimes just is mind-blowing.

Of course, this does not have to just be for Car Salesmen. How about  Big Rigs Salespeople? Or those Luxury Yachts ( or maybe those guys don’t need referrals LOL)  or how about just good old Speed Boats, Trailers, U-Haul type vehicles, RV Salesmen. How about Tiny Houses? I know a lot of people have a real interest in Tiny Houses for just moving into or a guest suite, or an office. So someone who sells them would do well to have a Beacon!

Be sure to go over and read all about the Beacons and what they do! It will intrigue and thrill you! They have changed and improved even more than when I first started writing about them.  Check it out  HERE 

The possibilities are endless and I will have more for you in upcoming posts.
Want to see who else Genusity is good for? Read about it HERE 

If you have any questions about the beacons feel free to ask:

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Three

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Three

Genusity Number Three

Genusity will serve all small business very well!

We have discussed how it will help all aspects of Real Estate.
From the agents to the Broker. ( Just a thought, if you are building a Genusity business and you sign up for Genusity with you, and then took it to the Broker after testing for themselves the agent could then benefit 2 ways. Signing the broker and still using them to sell houses.) Read my thoughts about Real Estate Here

We have discussed how Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers could benefit. (Any kind of driver really.) and as an afterthought Bike Messengers!
Read about that HERE

Now let us talk about how small non-chain restaurants could benefit. I know for a fact that small mom and pop diners, pizza parlors have to spend bundles on advertising to keep their business in front of people. Val-Paks are no longer inexpensive, newspaper and radio ads are very expensive and the ROI is dismal.

So how are 5 different beacons going to help these businesses and save them a boatload of advertising dollars? 

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3

Who is Genusity Good For? Number 3Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3


They will choose the beacon or beacons that are right for their business and be able to broadcast to anyone that is in the proximity of their business offering them a special for coming on in. If there is a delivery component to their business the drivers could have a beacon on them as they deliver the message will go out to more people.

Now the beacons and their ability to generate business are wonderful but even more exciting is these small businesses will have a POWERFUL back office to generate even more business.
Think of this also what if they do not have time to do all the behind the scene stuff and they want to hire you to do it for them? They will be able to afford to hire you because you are already saving them so much money. Of course, the beacons will also be a tax advantage as they can be written off as a business expense.

Look what Genusity Number 3 has done in my small town.

Do you know of any Small Business in your area that could use these?
I personally know they work because my Dog Groomer has been using
a Beacon for a couple of months and has gotten 9 new customers! We have it set up so they go to her FB page and have to tell her they saw the ad on their phone. They get 10% off the first visit.
Check out what these Beacons can do HERE

Please feel free to email me with any questions!


Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Two

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Two 

Who is Genusity Good For? Number Two

We have already have discussed what an awesome job Genusity can do for all facets of the Real Estate profession. From Brokers to agents in all fields.
If you have not read it you can right HERE


Genusity Number Two

Not Only Good But Fantastic!  Genusity Number Two

Now, what about a portion of the transportation field? Namely Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers. ( I just saw an as on TV for Uber Eats!!! So Uber will have to have drivers that deliver the food. Talk about the power of suggestion)

There are several ways these drivers could profit from Genusity beacons. If they have a side business online and I know many of them do. Our beacon that plugs right into the USB in the car can carry the landing page for that business. Think of the passengers in the car being driven will get the notification and not even know it was coming from their driver.

When they stop at a stoplight or stop sign or they pull up to a curb to let out their passengers depending on the device anyone within the range of the beacon will get a notification.  

Something else these drivers could do would visit businesses and let them know about Genusity and when they get their own beacons the driver would carry the beacon around the city for them. If it is a Restaurant they could have a special pop up. So the driver who brought the business into Genusity would be making residual from the business and also helping them. It is a win-win situation.

The possibilities are just as endless as to what these Genusity beacons will be able to do.  Go HERE to see all the different devices! You will be amazed!
Be sure to email me with any of your questions!

PS I just thought of something else! What about a messenger bike person. That would be a very good fit!
Genusity Number Two

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number One

 Who Is Genusity Good For? Number One

Genusity is a powerful tool that any business on or offline can use to maximize their advertising dollar.

Genusity For Real Estate

I am starting with Real Estate and its many functions. I start here because I was a residential agent for many years and I know what the cost of advertising was and the low ROI but you still needed to do it so the customer would be satisfied you were doing all you could to sell their house. How I wish these beacons were around when I was an

Genusity will be a big help in all aspects of Real Estate

For Buyers agents:
How might you ask? Well, a good agent is in the office for walk-ins and calling people on the phone, following up with buyers that came to an open house. But what if the agent had a Blast 1.0 that transmits around 492 ft in any direction. The message people got when they walked by said to come in and see what we have and ask for me (Name) Of course having a smaller unit with you at all times would really be the ultimate business card. (Yes you can have different messages on each unit.)

Listing Agents:
Can really use these in clever ways: They can use them in all the same ways that a buyers agent can but they can also use them at each of their listings. The message at the listing can lead to a virtual tour. Or a Virtual Flyer about the property.

Of course, Commercial agents, Property Managers, Leasing agents can use them in the same way.
Do you know any agents that need to know about these units? Or a Broker that would love to have these for their office. It would be a great way for every agent to have one to market their agency and you can put a code in the notification to identify the agent that created the lead for proper distribution. The opportunities are unlimited.

Join Right Here and then you will receive more information!

Happy Advertising!