Traditional Advertising Is No Longer Viable

Traditional Advertising Is No Longer Viable

Traditional Advertising Is No Longer Viable

Traditional advertising is no longer viable would you agree? Not many people read newspapers any longer. As far as television is concerned if I am watching regular cable when the ads come on that’s when I do things that need to be done. Either that or I watch Hulu or Netflix when I can. How often do you listen to radio ads? Me? I usually have a CD in trying to improve my mind. Billboards are too expensive and are almost obsolete. 

Traditional Advertising Traditional Advertising Traditional AdvertisingTraditional Advertising

Where Do You Advertise Then?

Let me ask you a question. The last time you were at your favorite coffee or tea shop how many people were looking at their cell phones? How about at the mall or a restaurant? I have noticed almost everyone has their phone out.  In fact, cell phone advertising is predicted to be a 700 Billion Dollar business. 

Traditional Advertising  

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More Traditional Advertising That Does Not Work

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2 thoughts on “Traditional Advertising Is No Longer Viable”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Yes I do believe you are right. Traditional advertising is all but gone (I guess they keep it around for old timers like me lol). I am in fact reading your post on my phone…
    This company sounds like something good to look into… Thanks for sharing…

    1. Yes, you should really check out this new form of advertising. You can also advertise your online business on mobile phones where ever you go :)Thank you for coming by!

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