What Is New With The Beacons At Genusity?

What Is New With Beacons At Genusity?

What Is New With The Beacons At Genusity?

What is new with the Beacons at Genusity?

GAN (Genusity Advertising Network)


While the Beacons should be part of every small business in your local area. Also, Real Estate Agents, Political Candidates, and almost any business you can think of.
In your back office, by default, your local Zip Code is in and the beacon (s) will advertise in a 50-mile radius from where the Zip Code is. Even if the beacon is off it will continue the 50-mile radius of that Zip Code.

So! What is new?
Here is what is so exciting! You can now advertise with these Beacons anywhere in the world! That is right anywhere in the world!

What Is New With The Beacons At Genusity?

You put in any zip code or postal code and with the BEACON OFF the Beacon will advertise 50 Miles of that zip code or postal code you put in!
Any State (US) Any Country anywhere in the world! Think of the power
you have right at your desk at home!


These Beacons are amazing!

I also need to point out that the iPhone now can be used also. Not just Android. 

Now Genusity has added a Power Line in Genusity.
FREE To Join!
The First-Ever Perpetual Residual Cycling Power Line.

Unlike anything, you have seen before.
Sure there have been other Power Lines
But they do not have the potential to pay like this!

Added to the Powerline Now there is GenPro Team BuilderGenPro Team Builder This is good Internationally!!  Even if you decide
to never be anything but a free member you can
still, make money. Very exciting! You really should
get signed up for the Power Line and then get on
a webinar to find out all about it! Soon as you sign
up I will email you when the two webinars are. 

Sign Up Here 

The next post I do will explain more how the Power Line and GenPro
It is amazing and I get paid from this often!

Do you need to start at the beginning of this series?






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