Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Three

Who Is Genusity Good For Number 3

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Three

Genusity Number Three

Genusity will serve all small business very well!

We have discussed how it will help all aspects of Real Estate.
From the agents to the Broker. ( Just a thought, if you are building a Genusity business and you sign up for Genusity with you, and then took it to the Broker after testing for themselves the agent could then benefit 2 ways. Signing the broker and still using them to sell houses.) Read my thoughts about Real Estate Here

We have discussed how Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers could benefit. (Any kind of driver really.) and as an afterthought Bike Messengers!
Read about that HERE

Now let us talk about how small non-chain restaurants could benefit. I know for a fact that small mom and pop diners, pizza parlors have to spend bundles on advertising to keep their business in front of people. Val-Paks are no longer inexpensive, newspaper and radio ads are very expensive and the ROI is dismal.

So how are 5 different beacons going to help these businesses and save them a boatload of advertising dollars? 

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3

Who is Genusity Good For? Number 3Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number 3


They will choose the beacon or beacons that are right for their business and be able to broadcast to anyone that is in the proximity of their business offering them a special for coming on in. If there is a delivery component to their business the drivers could have a beacon on them as they deliver the message will go out to more people.

Now the beacons and their ability to generate business are wonderful but even more exciting is these small businesses will have a POWERFUL back office to generate even more business.
Think of this also what if they do not have time to do all the behind the scene stuff and they want to hire you to do it for them? They will be able to afford to hire you because you are already saving them so much money. Of course, the beacons will also be a tax advantage as they can be written off as a business expense.

Look what Genusity Number 3 has done in my small town.

Do you know of any Small Business in your area that could use these?
I personally know they work because my Dog Groomer has been using
a Beacon for a couple of months and has gotten 9 new customers! We have it set up so they go to her FB page and have to tell her they saw the ad on their phone. They get 10% off the first visit.
Check out what these Beacons can do HERE

Please feel free to email me with any questions!


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