Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Two

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Two

Who Is Genusity Good For? Number Two 

Who is Genusity Good For? Number Two

We have already have discussed what an awesome job Genusity can do for all facets of the Real Estate profession. From Brokers to agents in all fields.
If you have not read it you can right HERE


Genusity Number Two

Not Only Good But Fantastic!  Genusity Number Two

Now, what about a portion of the transportation field? Namely Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers. ( I just saw an as on TV for Uber Eats!!! So Uber will have to have drivers that deliver the food. Talk about the power of suggestion)

There are several ways these drivers could profit from Genusity beacons. If they have a side business online and I know many of them do. Our beacon that plugs right into the USB in the car can carry the landing page for that business. Think of the passengers in the car being driven will get the notification and not even know it was coming from their driver.

When they stop at a stoplight or stop sign or they pull up to a curb to let out their passengers depending on the device anyone within the range of the beacon will get a notification.  

Something else these drivers could do would visit businesses and let them know about Genusity and when they get their own beacons the driver would carry the beacon around the city for them. If it is a Restaurant they could have a special pop up. So the driver who brought the business into Genusity would be making residual from the business and also helping them. It is a win-win situation.

The possibilities are just as endless as to what these Genusity beacons will be able to do.  Go HERE to see all the different devices! You will be amazed!
Be sure to email me with any of your questions!

PS I just thought of something else! What about a messenger bike person. That would be a very good fit!
Genusity Number Two

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